Full Size Truck Scene Backwoods F150 Tshirt

Have no fear Ford fans, we got you covered now: introducing the Backwoods F150 shirt. One of the best shows of the year is Camp-N-Drag in Waveland, Indiana. I always thought a cool idea for a shirt would be to show a glimpse into that show. Last year, I was one of the only people still awake at 5am (damn you energy drink, you actually worked when no one else could hang haha) and I was walking around. It was a weird and eerie atmosphere. All these badass trucks just laying around, fires dwindling, and no sounds anywhere, just crickets. I wanted to show that scene on this shirt and I think it captures it perfectly. Plus the Ford F150 crew cab looks ridiculous on there and it's so cool to see the matching camper behind it.

Front has the new arched logo small on the left chest in white. The back has the big full color design. These are Gildan 100% pre-shrunk cotton black shirts. They may shrink slightly though if thrown in the dryer. If you love Fords, or having a good time at a truck run, or both, you need this today!

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